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peshawar List Of The Hotels In Peshawar Name of Hotel & Location 1. Hotel Pearl Continental, Khyber Road, Peshawar. Tel: (92-091) 111-505-505, 5276361-3 Fax: (92-091) 5276465 E.Mail: 2. Green’s Hotel, Saddar Road, Peshawar Cantt. Tel: (92-091) 5276035-5276037 Fax: (92-091) 5270182-4 E.Mail: 3. Hotel Park Inn, Jail Bridge, Khyber Bazaar, Peshawar Cit ...

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Tarbela Dam Swabi

Tarbela Dam Swabi The world's largest earth-filled dam on one of the world's most important rivers - the Indus - is 103 km from Islamabad. The dam was completed in 1976 at a cost of Rs.18.5 billion. Over 15,000 Pakistani and 800 foreign workers and engineers worked during its construction. It is the biggest hydel power station in Pakistan having a capacity of generating 3,478 MW of electricity. Its reservoi ...

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Attock Fort

Attock Fort It is situated about 101 km west of Islamabad on the left bank of Indus River. The fort was completed in 1583 under the supervision of Khawaja Shamsuddin Khawafi, a minister of Emperor Akbar. The Mughal caravan sarai outside the fort, which is almost on the G.T. Road, was also built during this period. Please note that no visitors are allowed inside the Fort. ...

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Takht-i-Bhai Takht-i-Bhai is another well-known and preserved monument, a Buddhist monastery located on a rocky ridge about 10 miles northeast of Mardan. This structure dates back to two to five century AD and stands 600 feet above the plane. The feature, which distinguishes this site from others, is its architectural diversity and its romantic mountain setting. The uphill approach has helped in the preserv ...

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Swat Swat, the land of romance and beauty, is celebrated throughout the world as the holy land of Buddhist learning and piety. Swat acquired fame as a place of Buddhist pilgrimage. Buddhist tradition holds that the Buddha himself came to Swat during his last reincarnation as the Guatama Buddha and preached to the people here. It is said that the Swat was filled with fourteen hundred imposing and beautiful s ...

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Shangla District Shangla Par is located in Swat Valley (North Latitude 34-31 to 33-08 and East Longitude 72-33 to 73-01) with its headquarter at Alpuri (8 km from Shangla Top). District Shangla was created out of District Swat on 01-07-1995 and it was fully functional w.e.f. 14-08-2001. The new district consists of two Tehsils namely, Alpuri and Puran. The highest point of the district is Shangla Top (7001 ...

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Shogran At a distance of 34 km from Balakot, lies the green plateau of Shogran (2,362 m above sea level). Drive by car to village Kiwai, 24 km from Balakot and turn to right for Shogran for another 10 kms. From Shogran, you can visit Sari, Paye and Makra by jeep or you can go for hiking. ...

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Kaghan Valley

Kaghan Valley Kaghan is a jewel among the many beautiful valleys in the Mansehra District of Hazara in the North West Frontier Province of Pakistan. This 160 kilometer long valley is most popular summer holiday spots for both Pakistanis as well as foreigners. The valley features pine forests, alpine meadows, crystal clear lakes and cool mountain streams. Kunhar River, the main feature of the valley, is famo ...

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Balakot Kaghan valley starts from Balakot, which is famous for the Mausoleum of two Muslim warriors Syed Ahmed Shaheed Brelvi and Shah Ismail who laid their lives fighting against Sikhs in the 18th century. Balakot is situated at the foot of the mountains that goes thousands of feet above. The toy huts, which are amazingly perched on their slopes. On other side is the Kunhar River, which accompany you all a ...

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Kawai 13 miles away from Balakot to Kaghan is Kawai in these 13 miles you'll reach the altitude of 4000 feet starting from 3000 feet which means that you have covered 1000 feet of altitude in just 13 miles. The main place here to visit is Shogran. ...

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